Battlefield 3 Pre-order DLC bonuses – not so exclusive now!

Battlefield 3 Limited Edition: Physical Warfare Pack

Battlefield 3 had a variety of exclusive extras available to those who pre-ordered via various specific retailers. The most notorious of these was the “Physical Warfare Pack” which was available to Game/Gamestation customers only (in the UK anyway). Fan lashback was so strong that EA relented and said it would be available to all (for free) at a later unspecified time. That time has been and gone, you can download the pack now, but you can now also acquire all of the other content too. At a price.

There have also been a few promotional items that were only available in the US up until recently. These can also be bought now in any country but America. Everything that costs money is either dog tags or skins for multiplayer. So if you have no interest in these it’s probably best to save your money.

For those that are interested, here are the specifics:

Physical Warfare Pack (Free)

Battlefield 3: Physical Warfare Pack

Physical Warfare Pack:- Includes the Type88 LMG with bipod, SKS Sniper Rifle Flash Suppressor and DAO-12 Flechette ammo.(Free)

Pre-Order Pack (240MSP/$2.99)

Battlefield 3: Russian Specact Skins

SPECACT Skins:- A new set of camo for each of the classes on both sides.

Battlefield 3:  Amazon Dog-Tag Bundle

10 Amazon Dog Tags:- ten new dog tags that add a bit of humour.

Promotional Pack  (240MSP/$2.99)

Battlefield 3: Dr Pepper skins

Dr Pepper Skins:- A new set of camo for each of the classes on both sides.

Battlefield 3: Dr Pepper dogtags

5 Dr Pepper Dog Tags:- five unique dogtags mainly based off of internet memes

Battlefield 3: Act of Valor dogtags

5 Act of Valor Dog Tags:- five dogtags promoting a new film, Act of Valor.

These are available from the in-game store.

I already got the Dr Pepper camouflage so I won’t be getting the promo pack. I will get the pack with the SPECACT kits if they allow better customisation memory (at the moment it doesn’t even remember selected camo for each team, both will load the same skin). I don’t want to have to waste time changing it all the time but I would like to look different depending on my loadout.

Finally,in the interest of completeness, those who didn’t get “Back to Karkand” free, because they didn’t get the limited edition version of the game, can purchase the expansion for 1200MSP/$15.

Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360: Please DICE take onboard MY opinions

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