DayZ – Complete Loot Tables {UPDATED}

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I have put a fair few hours in to the popular mod for ARMA II, and have been frequently spoiling myself with loot maps, loot tables, and weapon charts. The most recent chart that I found incredibly useful was one linked on the DayZ forums: “DayZ Complete Weapons Statistics” or “Man, Lee Enfield is Freaking Loud”.

The completionist in me wanted more.

The link below will take you to a spreadsheet hoping to combine ALL of the information on weapons for DayZ.

Some information is missing (like how much sound does a thrown tin can make) so please comment here if you can fill in the blanks.

DayZ Complete Loot Tables

Click the link below to go to the tables:

DayZ Complete Loot Tables


version: 1.6

DAYZ version: 1.7.3

ARMA II version: 1.62.96061/63

V1.3 – Added vehicle and other storage page (needs more data!), Changed name to DayZ Complete Loot Tables

v1.2 – Added loot (buildings and zombies), Added more data to thrown objects (still missing LOTS of data)

v1.1 – Added Rate of Fire (RPM) for most weapons

V1.0 – Weapons have: Ammo Type, Damage, Effective range, Audible range, Magazine size, Attachments, Zeroing, Firing Mode & Rarity.

Ammo has: Caliber, Capacity, Inventory Slot and Rarity.

Thrown Objects have: Damage, Light, Sound, Amount and Rarity.


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