Original Gangstaz – Ruby Gift Guide {UPDATED}

Original Gangstaz

Original Gangstaz is an addictive game and its developers are crack dealers. One of numerous text-based social MMORPGs on iOS it features a free-to-play/pay-to-do-better approach to gaming that is incredibly costly. Street Cred is available to buy which can be used for buying show-off items, recharging stamina and energy to act more frequently than those who don’t pay for the privilege – essentially it is incredibly difficult to resist temptation to buy at least some Street Cred. Before we stray too far into the politics of aggressive micro-transactions let us consider the purpose of this guide, you can get a lot of things for free in Original Gangstaz by participating in advertising schemes.

Browse and complete offers for Original Ganstaz on your associated device

You can browse and complete offers for Original Gangstaz on your associated device

Some may not be a fan of this sort of business model either, but it does allow those with more time than money, or those that just like getting something for free to be able to be more competitive in this often harsh game. Original Gangstaz uses Tapjoy to provide these marketing opportunities for its players. Completing “offers” allows you to accumulate casino coins (which are essential for getting loot items at a reasonable rate). The best way to capitalise on returns from these offers is to be part of a Crew, this will allow you to get Ruby Gifts, Cred Gifts and Super Cred Gifts for free (you need to be Rank 2 or higher to receive gifts). The slight catch here is that your crew may not be happy if you lose fights all the time and you may be kicked out (or left at Rank 1 where you will not receive any gifts) – if you get caught like this you should try to get as much loot as possible to increase your battle performance and get you prestige up.

Original Gangstaz - Ruby Gift progression

Every time you earn 290,000 Chips from Tapjoy offers you will earn you and your crew a Ruby gift each.

So what is the catch?

Almost everything you do with Tapjoy will in some way be providing personal information and data to them, or the other people who they are partnered with. Any of the offers that require giving your email address will likely result in spam. As long as you are happy with this trade, it is fairly easy to get the Casino Chips and Ruby gifts flowing in. If you stick to only downloading and running apps you should be able to remain fairly anonymous.


There are various different offers to choose from:

  • Download and Run and App – fairly straight-forward, let the game or other app start up (I usually click start or otherwise attempt to use it to make sure). You are generally awarded the points straight away. If you run the app and it crashes you won’t receive the points. If you have already downloaded the app before you are unlikely to receive the points.
  • Complete a specific task in an app – This can be, for example, like or favourite an app, get to a certain level in a game or invite your friends. Completing a certain amount of a game is usually trivial, use your judgement on whether you think other activities are worth your time/privacy. You will usually receive your points as soon as you complete the task.
  • Complete Survey for a particular survey company – You need to sign up with the survey service (I presume you need to be a new member to the site) and fully complete one survey. I had to attempt many surveys, and often completed forms for 5 minutes to find out I wasn’t eligible. I had to try for several days to get my points. You will most likely have to submit a lot of personal information to get your points with these. Once you have fully completed a survey, you should receive your points very soon after.
  • Sign up for an online service – Sometimes free, sometimes a free trial (you will be billed if you do not cancel these free trials before they end). You will need to be a new member to be awarded points – there may also be some delay before you receive your points. Free trials can also provide other benefits, I got £12 worth of mp3s from a trial I completed. Just don’t forget to cancel your account before the free trial ends! Online casino offers, where you need to deposit money to qualify, are not worth the money on their own.
  • Sign up and use a company’s service – You will need to either buy an item from a webshop or send in your old phone/dvds/gold etc. Not usually worth the amount of points on offer but if you plan to buy something/wanted to get rid of that old …whatever… then it can be a nice way to get something a little extra.
Tapjoy Offers from your desktop internet browser

Tapjoy Offers can be seen and sometimes completed via your preferred internet browser

You can complete offers from within the OG app or via the Tapjoy website. You can, for example, download an app via your desktop internet browser and then iTunes and then install it via iTunes or iFunBox and finally run it as normal on your iDevice. All offers complete will get you Casino Chips and (if you are rank 2 or above in a crew) points towards a Ruby gift. You need 290,000 points to get a Ruby gift. If you are removed from your crew this counter will reset to 0. It is probably not worth completing offers that are less than 2900 chips because you would be getting less than 1% towards your goal of a Ruby gift. If you are desperate though, every little helps. Some offers may only be available in a certain region, you may be able to see them and click on them – but you might not be able to register for the associated service. You may also be unable to download apps that are not compatible with your device, I have an old iPod 2G which is stuck on 4.2.1 firmware. I can’t download most of the apps that are listed for me and many of the ones that will download, crash or otherwise don’t work. Just bear in mind that just because an app is listed for your device – it doesn’t mean it is actually compatible. You don’t get points for a “Download and Run” offer if the app doesn’t run properly.

Original Gangstaz - Tapjoy Bonus

A bonus percentage of varying amounts is applied whenever you see a banner like this in-game

There always seems to be a huge percentage bonus increase to the amount of coins you accumulate from offers. It has been 340% for the last few weeks, I have seen it as low as 250%. I dread to think what it would be like if it was at 100%… This multiplier is already applied to the amount of Casino Coins shown in the offer description.


There are 11 different types of Gifts:

Stone, Bronze, Iron, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Pearl, Ruby, Cred, Super Cred and OG Casino

The first 8 (Stone – Ruby) come in the form of chests which contain various different rewards. Here is a list of all the ones I have discovered so far:

Street Cred, Casino Chips, Double Job Cash Boost (49% Chance), Double Execution Bonus, Send to Gang Notification, Comment Wall Block, exclusive Bling, Disses and Executions. You can also receive 1 of a better gift (i.e a gold gift in a bronze gift) and you can also receive 2 of the same gift. I have on a few occasions received a silver chest in a bronze chest and then 2 silver chests inside that silver chest.

A full guide will follow on gifts once I have more complete data, for now take this as a rough guide:

Gift Street Cred Chips Cash Boost (Hours) Execution Bonus (Hours) STG Notification (Days) Comment Wall Block (Days)
Wood* 2 – 6 1000 – 10000 0.5 0.5 3
Stone 2 – 6 3000 – 10000 1 1
Bronze 4 – 10 6000 – 10000 2 2 3 3
Iron 8 – 8 12000 – 18000 3 3
Silver 10 – 20 20000 – 25000 4 4 7
Gold 20 – 40 50000 – 50000        
Platinum 40 – 120 20000 – 60000        
Pearl ? ?        
Ruby 200 – 600 100000 – 300000        
Cred 800 – 1200 N/A
Super Cred ? N/A

*Wood chest may only be available in Crusade: Knight’s War

This is based on all of the data I currently have, If you would like to help fill in the blanks please leave a comment below. I intend to update this site as I collect more data myself. As a general rule, you get better value by receiving Casino Chips in Gold gifts and lower. Platinum Gifts and higher will give you better value if you receive Street Cred instead.

Powerup items, like Send to Gang Notification and Double Execution Bonus, are enabled instantly. These effects do not stack or overlap, but they will add to the amount of time – so if you Get 2 hours of Double Execution Boost and then 4 hours of Double Execution Boost you would get 6 Hours total of Double Execution Boost.

Exclusive Executions, Disses and Bling can be found in any of the chests. Check out the tables below to see complete stats for what is available.


Name Description Suceess Rate Stamina Loyalty Experience Cash
Blood Bath You killed <Player> in a blood bath! 10% 1 0 1 $1 – $50
Bear Trap You killed <Player> in a bear trap! 20% 0 2 2 $1 – $250
Neck Break You broke <Player> neck! 30% 3 0 3 $1 – $500
Head Shot You shot <Player> right in the dome! 35% 0 3 4 $1 – $1,000
Gorilla Maul You fed <Player> to a gorilla! 40% 5 0 5 $1 – $2,000
Scorpion Sting Your scorpion stung <Player>! 25% 1 2 3 $1 – $250
Elephant Trample Your elephants trampled <Player>! 40% 0 3 4 $1 – $1,000
Cobra Strike Your cobra poisoned <Player>! 36% 0 3 5 $1 – $1,000
Shank You shanked <Player>! 15% 2 1 2 $1 – $50
Hydraulic Crush Your pimped out ride crushed <Player>! 33% 3 2 4 $1 – $500
Bug Bomb You bug bombed <Player>! 33% 0 3 5 $1 – $1,000
Smoke You rolled up and smoked <Player>! 42% 0 4 6 $1 – $2,000
Double Barrel You shot <Player> with a double-barrelled shotgun! 43% 5 1 7 $1 – $1,500
Doormat You just walked all over <Player>! 20% 0 2 2 $1 – $250
Molotov Cocktail You set <Player> on fire with a molotov cocktail! 33% 3 2 4 $1 – $500
Nut Choke You made <Player> choke on some nuts! 30% 3 0 3 $1 – $500


Name Description Stamina Damage
Stone You stoned <Player>! 1 1 – 2
Moon You mooned <Player>! 1 1
Hit N Run You hit <Player> with your car! 1 2
Drug You drugged <Player>! 1 1
OG Punch You OG punched <Player> right in the face! 1 1 – 3
Brand You branded <Player>! 1 2
Punk You punked <Player>! 1 1 – 3
Trash Talk <Player> couldn’t handle your trash talk! 1 1
Pit Bull Your pit bull bit <Player>! 1 1 – 2
Face Paint You spray painted <Player>’s face! 1 1 – 2
Clothesline You clotheslined <Player>! 1 2
Tag You tagged <Player>’s ride! 1 2
Pants You pantsed <Player>! 1 1 – 3
Flash You flashed <Player> your goods! 1 1 – 2
Bandana Burn You took <Player>’s bandana and burned it! 1 2
Spit Slap You spit in <Player>’s face and slapped him! 1 1 – 3


Name Ability
Pool Cue Adds +1 to max energy
Shoefiti Adds +1 to max energy
Shopping Cart Adds +1 to max energy
Wallet Chain Adds +1 to max energy
Snakeskin Wallet Adds +4 to max energy
Paperweight Adds +5 to max energy
Pawn Receipt Adds +5 to max energy
Pocket Watch Adds +6 to max energy
Gold Pipe Adds +10 to max energy
OG Hood Ornament Adds +10 to max energy
OG Suit Adds +10 to max energy
Keychain Scratcher Adds +20 to max energy
Poker Glasses Adds +20 to max energy
Bulletproof Glass Adds +5 to max health
Cooking Grease Adds +5 to max health
Protein Shake Adds +5 to max health
Steering Wheel Lock Adds +5 to max health
Motorcycle Helmet Adds +20 to max health
Dreadlocks Adds +25 to max health
Gold Tooth Adds +25 to max health
Beer Helmet Adds +30 to max health
Beer Pong Adds +40 to max health
Ice Cube Adds +40 to max health
Salt and Pepper Adds +40 to max health
Jackpot Slice Adds +50 to max health
Knife Wound Adds +1 to max loyalty
OG Cufflinks Adds +2 to max loyalty
Street Newspaper Adds +2 to max loyalty
Tarot Cards Adds +2 to max loyalty
Ice Tea Adds +3 to max loyalty
Pool Table Adds +3 to max loyalty
Stripper Pole Adds +3 to max loyalty
Platinum Keno Ball Adds +5 to max loyalty
Drug Free Sign Loyalty regen -10 seconds
Window Bars Loyalty regen -10 seconds
Bootleg DVD Loyalty regen -15 seconds
Car Alarm Loyalty regen -15 seconds
2 Shorts Adds +1 to max stamina
Dumbbells Adds +1 to max stamina
Hip Hop Magazine Adds +1 to max stamina
Tattoo Gun Adds +1 to max stamina
Stolen License Plates Adds +2 to max stamina
Crystal Ball Adds +3 to max stamina
Disco Ball Adds +3 to max stamina
OG Statue Adds +3 to max stamina
Gator Boots Adds +4 to max stamina
50 Cent Coin Adds +5 to max stamina
Players Card Adds +5 to max stamina
Skeet Shooter Adds +5 to max stamina

The OG awards active Crew members a gift at the end of the weekend. I have only ever been awarded 50,000 casino chips so I don’t know if this varies or not, although it seems you need to be somewhat active to receive this gift.

Each gang members’ progress towards Ruby gifts also builds up to Crew Cred gifts. If you are in an Alliance all crew members of all crews will also contribute their points towards a Super Cred gift. You need 9,570,000 points to get 1 Cred gift. You need 39,324,000 points for 1 Super Cred gift. I haven’t got a Super Cred gift yet and I’ve only received 1 Cred gift, but presumably they will always contain an amount of Street Cred rather than any other items.

In-game offers SponsorPay and Tapjoy

Offers in green are via SponsorPay, offers in yellow are via Tapjoy

SponsorPay [UPDATE]

The in-game offers have recently been updated. Offers in yellow are with Tapjoy, offers in green are through SponsorPay. There is currently no other way to access these offers other than from the in-game offer webpage. SponsorPay often offers the same games at a higher rate, however I seem to have had little success in actually getting these casino coins.

Their website suggest they are a relatively new company – they will be accepting user registration soon. Install and Run offers are completed in the same way as Tapjoy offers. I can’t yet confirm whether you can do the offer “twice” by using both Tapjoy and SponsorPay for the same app.

Offers for Street Cred [UPDATE]

As of December 19th offers you complete from Tapjoy and SponsorPay will give you Street Cred instead of Casino Coins. It appears from the in-game advertising that this is a temporary offer (although, many other adverts in the game claim to be of limited availability and aren’t).

Original Gangstaz - Tapjoy offers for Street Cred

This banner is currently displayed on the main menu.

You need 550 Street Cred to get a Ruby Gift, 18,228 Street Cred to get a Cred Gift and 74,902 Street Cred to get a Super Cred Gift, whatever your percentage progress towards a Ruby Gift was has been maintained.

The following table compares a few different offers and shows the different percentages you earn towards a Ruby Gift, the new Street Cred offers have a far lower percentage on average.

Before After
Offer Casino Chips Ruby Gift % Street Cred Ruby Gift % Chips for SC
Discover More Card 1,272,597 438.83% 1020 185.45% 637,500
Credit Report 530,070 182.78% 425 77.27% 265,625
Credit Expert 158,985 54.82% 127 23.09% 79,375
Recycle your Phone 95,177 32.82% 76 13.82% 47,500
Invite your Friends 31,725 10.94% 25 4.55% 15,625
music Magpie 72,006 24.83% 57 10.36% 35,625
Install and Run 1,728 0.60% 1 0.18% 625
Watch a video 356 0.12% 1 0.18% 625

You can also see how many Casino Chips you could buy with the Street Cred you earn. This is based on the price of Casino Chips from the OG (approximately 1.6 Street Cred per 1,000 Casino Chips when you buy either the 250,000 or the 600,000 Casino Chip packs, the other amounts have an even worse rate).

By my calculation either:

  • The new offer rate is 1,000 Casino Coins = 1 Street Cred
  • The bonus multiplier is currently at 270% (it has been 340% for the last few weeks)
  • The Ruby, Cred and Super Cred gift progress bars are 190% of what they were before


  • The new offer rate is 1,900 Casino Coins = 1 Street Cred
  • The bonus multiplier is 140%
  • The progress bars are at 100%

Whichever is true this is not a good time to complete offers. The main exception to this is any offers that were worth less than 1,000 Casino Chip before, examples are watching videos and “coming back” to Tapjoy (these were worth 356 chips and are now worth 1 Street Cred). If you particularily want or need Street Cred then this is perfect for you, the frugal should wait for this to pass (whilst taking advantage of sub-1000 Casino Chip/1 Street Cred offers).


You can also check out my Street Cred guide for Original Gangstaz here:

Street Cred Guide

This guide is probably a fairly good reference for using Tapjoy for getting points in any free2play apps on iOS and Android as well as the gift mechanics of Machine Zone’s other iOS games: Crusade: Knight’s War, Jet Fighters II, Global War, Race or Die 2 and iMob II


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