Welcome to Hard and Soft Gaming.

We are four self-confessed geeks who intend to write about anything we damn please (ooh matron!)

Hopefully our tunnel-vision and niche viewpoints will gel with your own desires for information on all things gaming. We will post articles covering our favourite games new and old, technical problems and solutions that we have encountered, hardware modifications, opinion pieces as well as discussing any news we find interesting.

We’re just starting out, so please bear with us while we grow. Have a look around.

Leave comments to let us know what you like/find useful ;)


Copyright Notice

Unless otherwise stated, the contents of this blog (text and images) are licensed under the Creative Commons Licence.

Basically, what this means is that you are free to reproduce or use anything you find on this blog, as long as you link back to the page it came from, and give us any credit that is due.

Equally, if you find that something we have used isn’t attributed, give us a nod (comment on the page in question) and we will happily make appropriate edits.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I have a defective ben q drive and a replacement ben q drive for an x box 360. If I mail both to you, what will you charge to flash the dvd key to the new drive. I will send with a post paid label for the return trip.

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