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MW3 vs BF3 – Activision Publishing CEO speaks out

MW3 vs BF3 – Activision Publishing CEO speaks out

The multimedia juggernaut that is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and its nemesis Battlefield 3 may be several weeks away, but the war has well and truly begun. Employees from each title’s publisher have been attributed to some interesting comments, the latest of being EA CEO John Riccitiello’s prediction that Modern Warfare 3‘s fan-base … Continue reading

More D in your 3DS?

It looks like those crazy cats at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (MIT, you may have heard of it…..) are working on a new method of creating that glasses-free 3D goodness we all know and love. The word on the internet street is that it’s called HR3d (High Rank 3D) and allows a clearer, brighter and … Continue reading

PSN: Lessons to be learned?

As the PSN debacle appears to be nearing its conclusion, what are the consequences for Sony and the industry as a whole? Microsoft have known for a long time now just what a minefield internet security can be, and you can be sure that a lot has been going on behind the scenes to ensure … Continue reading

Capcom: Big Release Line Up For 2011/12

Capcom: Big Release Line Up For 2011/12

Who said new IP was dead….? Following another successful showing, Captivate, did just that this year for the masses of Miami. All the stars from Capcom’s backroom staff and developers were present to show off their latest brain farts that we are undoubtedly going to wait with anticipation for over the coming months. The key titles discussed … Continue reading

The Dark Knight comes to the big city…

“Give us more Arkham!” You demanded. And Rocksteady listened. But it wasn’t only you. For those of you who actually bothered to read my review of Arkham Asylum will have noticed we are just a little bit excited about the sequel to the multiple Game of the Year award-winning original. So much so that the … Continue reading

Nintendo 3DS: A Nintendo hand-held road map

Nintendo’s latest hand-held video game console – The 3DS – Is about to hit the UK’s shores. So how did we get here? The most important part of the 3DS’ history is Gunpei Yokoi the legendary Nintendo hardware developer who created all of Nintendo’s hand-held up until the ill-conceived Virtual Boy. It is his ethos … Continue reading