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GTA IV Gets a pair of new shiny shoes

GTA IV Gets a pair of new shiny shoes

RockStar’s 2008 titanic hit has been given a thorough going over within the modding community, from fat rag dolls to naked ladies, new weapons and Le Man sports cars, but none have been as inspiring as the latest teaser from Aimedehaire.

Minecraft heading for Xbox 360

Minecraft heading for Xbox 360

The multi-million selling hit, that still hasn’t been released, is now making it’s way on to the Xbox 360 and will feature Kinect support. Although FortressCraft has been doing well on the indie marketplace, I can imagine that this will sell very well. I’m not sure how the controls will work out, but Notch had … Continue reading

L.A Noire – The Hottest Game of the Year

Whilst we have had to wait for the release of RockStar’s latest franchise in the UK, our American counter-parts have been ploughing through the detective based open world adventure for a couple of days now. If you were in any doubt as to whether you should buy this game, there may be a couple of … Continue reading

The Music of Minecraft

Minecraft features a dynamic soundtrack that is seemingly cued by new discoveries in your game world.   Most of your time spent adventuring around your World of Minecraft is not scored. The air is full of the sounds of chopping wood, moos and ssssssssss’s that help to cement you within your environment. When you discover … Continue reading

The Dark Knight comes to the big city…

“Give us more Arkham!” You demanded. And Rocksteady listened. But it wasn’t only you. For those of you who actually bothered to read my review of Arkham Asylum will have noticed we are just a little bit excited about the sequel to the multiple Game of the Year award-winning original. So much so that the … Continue reading

Minecraft: Useful Mods and getting them to work

Due to the huge popularity of Minecraft, many budding developers have created mods for it that add a wide variety of features. These include new texture packs (which are now supported officially by the game), new monsters, new crafting recipes and items as well as various “cheat” tools. I am personally very fond of the … Continue reading