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Xbox – E3 2011 Round Up

Xbox – E3 2011 Round Up

So, Microsoft’s long-awaited E3 dog and pony show is now finished and the results are in. As expected Microsoft is looking to solidify their position as the leading console provider of this generation by bringing in more…… just more. YouTube for Xbox, Bing Live Search, UFC live fights and back catalogues, additional live TV services, … Continue reading

Guinness World Record Xbox 360 Avatar T-Shirt

As part of the “Xbox Nations” Free Xbox Live Weekend this coming Easter, Rare are attempting to set the world record for the most people running a virtual 100m dash at one time on Saturday 23rd April 2011. If you participate you will be awarded the T-shirt above. Nice!

[Xbox 360 Avatar Awards] Comic Jumper

Comic Jumper is the follow-up to ‘Splosion Man from Twisted Pixel games. Whilst it is also a 2d side scrolling platform game it has much more in common with Contra and Shadow Complex than it does it’s predecessor. Also like it’s predecessor it is packed to the seams with extras. Among which are 3 Avatar … Continue reading

[Xbox 360 Avatar Awards] Risk: Factions

Risk: Factions is a thoroughly entertaining port of Risk to Xbox Live Arcade. Featuring 5 different factions with unique forces and a series of obtainable power-ups; this changes the status quo enough to keeps things fresh and add enough video to the already great board-game. Upon completion of the campaign you are awarded the following: … Continue reading

[Xbox 360 Avatar Awards] Limbo

Limbo is a fantastic 2d side-scrolling platformer. Beautifully designed; it creates a macabre black and white world built seemingly to kill a young boy who is just trying to find his sister. 2 avatar awards are also included: > A Black T-Shirt with the LIMBO logo – which is awarded for earning any of the … Continue reading

Free Barbeque Grill prop for your X360 Avatar

As part of Microsoft’s Block Party initiative on the Xbox 360, limited quantities of a free BBQ prop are being given away… Trial Offer Get a free Avatar prop! What’s a party without giveaways? We’re so excited about the Arcade House Party games that we’re giving you a free Avatar prop just for trying them! … Continue reading

Sherlock Holmes X360 Avatar Clothing (US Only)

Over Christmas 2009, Best Buy in the USA offered an exclusive Sherlock Holmes Avatar outfit (for male and female avatars) as part of a promotion for the new Sherlock Holmes movie. They were given away free with any Xbox 360 purchase over $20. These were time limited and location  limited (America only) in availability. You … Continue reading

Free Bing T-Shirt for your X360 Avatar

Another unexciting, but free, addition to the Avatar clothing universe – Bing T-shirts for your male or female avatar. As you can see in the picture to the left the male shirt is in black and the female is in white. Redeem asap as it seems to be a limited time deal. From Major Nelson’s … Continue reading

Have an Avatar Christmas [Xbox 360]

Microsoft have released some new clothing items for your avatar to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. Or the Holiday season to be accurate. I picked up a Santa hat, because I’m a tart and I had 120MSP uselessly sitting in my account (The hat costs 80). However, yesterday, I didn’t notice that there is … Continue reading

Xtival ’09 Goodies [Xbox 360]

Did you enjoy Xtival ’09? I did because my Gold subscription had run out and I got to play online for free. I mainly played 1 vs 100 though. I also enjoyed it because there were competitions to enter and free stuff was handed out. Always guaranteed to please me.