Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition MODS – New Overlay and Easy Centre Kicking

Easy Kicking Centre Square Mod
Marks the centre square in each half with a pool of blood*, so you can just click straight on it for the safest kick – without having to count out the squares every time.

*You can change the texture used (per pitch) by replacing Level\Level xx\Textures\

Original Post:

Coach’s Recommended Custom Grid
Lined squares, Clear, Clean and Consistent Overlay.

Key points are: You are in Green, Opponent is in Red, Movable Players are circular, immovable players are square, selection cursor is yellowy/green, currently selected player highlights orange when hovered over, The grid is black lines instead of the corner crosses and tackle zones are a bright yellow outline

Original Post:

Bonus Download:- A modification of the above overlay using gray for the opponent (best suited for viewing replays where both players are counted as the opponent)

Plus another useful tidbit:

Identifying the pitches by their numbers

#Note: the names were just made up by me#

3 thoughts on “Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition MODS – New Overlay and Easy Centre Kicking

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