GB USB smart card 64M – Save game delete/corruption fix

GB USB smart card 64M

I love my Gameboy flashcard, it allows me to check out fan translation of Japanese games on my actually Gameboy (well actually I tend to use a Gameboy Color or GBA SP). The one I use is a GB USB smart card 64M by EMS. You can read and write ROM and save data easily via a USB connection (the cart has a mini-usb port).

The only problem I have is that every time I disconnect my cart from my PC after using it, my save game will be corrupted. This will then get overwritten if the game tries to load this corrupt data.

I have found a workaround:

Make sure you plug the cart in to a Gameboy before you disconnect the cart! Don’t have the cart in a Gameboy when you connect it to your PC as this will stop it from working at all and you won’t be able to transfer files (the cart won’t be detected from the GB_USB.exe program). So, if you have this problem the order to do things in is…

  1. Play a game
  2. Remove the cart from your Gameboy
  3. Plug cart into PC via USB cable
  4. Transfer files via GB_USB
  5. Plug cart in to Gameboy
  6. Disconnect USB cable

I would only do this if you are experiencing this problem – it’s possible I first caused this by having the cart connected to my PC and Gameboy simultaneously.

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