3 codes to give away: Hawken, Planetside 2 and an Xbox Avatar Banshee Prop {CLOSED}

Gaming Giveaway

Seeing as how I am a bit more with it at the moment, and more enthused than I have been, it’s time for an, exclamation mark, Give-away! Is there better way to attempt to inject some traffic to a fledgling website that’s not been updated regularly this year? Not at this barrel-scraping moment.

We have three codes for 3 different gaming prospects:

  • 1x PC BETA KEY: Hawken looks to be a great, fast-paced multiplayer mech game that will be Free2Play when it releases at the end of the year.Hawken
  • 1x PC BETA KEY: Planetside 2 intends to re-establish the MMOFPS genre that it lead back in 2003.Planetside 2
  • 1x XBOX LIVE CODE: A Halo Banshee Avatar prop.Halo Banshee Xbox Live Avatar Prop

I would love to play both games, but I really don’t have enough time for them at the moment and I already have the Banshee Prop (it’s awesome). Hopefully someone will get much better use of all of these than I could!

So how do you win? Just spam your friends in any of these ways:

  • Follow us on twitter, tweet about us or simply retweet this message.
  • Like our Facebook page and share this give-away with that guy you met once
  • Genuinely enjoy one of our articles and let people know about it
  • Be creative, do what ever you want – just let us know what you did

The more you do, the better your chances. Every step you take will count as 1 entry. Each code will go to separate winners, so you can’t win more than one code. If you only want to enter for a particular code, please let us know, otherwise you will be entered for all three.

The codes will be awarded this Friday (9th November), get your entries in by 11:00 AM GMT 2012-11-09. We will contact the winners ASAP with their code. No faffing. If we can’t contact you somehow (for whatever unlikely reason) we will choose someone else.

Two winners will be chosen at random, you don’t need to justify why you want the code or what you want to do with them. The third winner will be chosen based upon how much you make us laugh/warm our hearts. :)

Good luck.


The Winners

The winners are:

GeekMagazineITA – Planetside 2

Richard Stagg – Hawken

Ayoub Chouak – Halo Banshee

Please check your twitter or Facebook depending on how you entered.

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